Site overview Ozieri Italy

Excavating rows for insertion of organic compost

The whole of the land and glasshouses we lease are visible in this footage.

Farmhouse and land is visible in 1.30s land is immediately in from of glasshouses and to the right of the warehouse/farmhouse section not planted (8000m2)

At 4minutes you can see the outline of the property

Google Maps view of the Greenhouses, land and farmhouse/warehouse

Photos of Greenhouse

Inside front door looking to the right - heater/fan in view.

Seedlings for vege garden we are preparing

One of 9 raised enclosed boxes currently being prepared for planting.

View of planter boxes facing back left hand corner of greenhouse)

Nine (9) Raised planter boxes - approx. 3m x 4 m and approx. 25cm deep (photo taken from back left hand corner of greenhouse) facing centre of greenhouse (plastic divider)

Land adjacent to Greenhouse

Proposed cultivation of cannabis with micro irrigation

Water drainage

Overview of entrance and storm water catchment

Heaters and Ventilation system

Overview of right hand side of greenhouse

Micro irrigation

Heating and Cooling System

Divider and Left Hand Side of Greenhouse

Soil and Sand overview

Right hand side of greenhouse and Planter Boxes

Filmed from the far rear left hand side corner of the greenhouse - shows the dividing curtain and planter boxes as well as section on the ground formerly used for cultivation of snails. This area is equipped with micro irrigation at ground level. Suspended irrigation system is redundant and not connected. Will be removed in due course.

External drainage rear of Greenhouse

Drainage and setup of roof water from Greenhouses - dropping straight into the field.

Vegetable Seedlings growing in metal boxes.

These came from seedlings and have been in the ground for about 2 weeks - lettuce, chives and I have seeded throughout - basil.

The second box has celery and fennel and other vegetables

Outdoor field

This is the field that we are considering planting out this year with cannabis - it is 8000m2 and the video shows the position of it in relation to the rest of the property

Vegetable Seedlings

Here you can see the seeds that we have planted - some about 2 weeks ago - and some on the 4th March

This is for our vegetable patch.