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New Realm Media is a leading premium domain name seller and owns a powerful portfolio of high quality digital assets - these domain names are powerful marketing tools. Whether you will be using your domain name for a company website, to build a community or as a marketing campaign your efforts will only be enhanced with a premium domain name.

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Domain bias in web search

Samuel Ieong Nina Mishra Eldar Sadikov Li Zhang - International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM) | February 2012 - Published by ACM

A new phenomenon in web search that is called domain bias — a user’s propensity to believe that a page is more relevant just because it comes from a particular domain. We provide evidence of the existence of domain bias in click activity as well as in human judgments via a comprehensive collection of experiments. Please see

Why $10,000 For A Domain Name Is Still Cheap

Domain names are now an integral part of any business. Whether the use is primarily for email, a company website, or part of a marketing campaign anyone starting a business must secure a domain name. Read more

How to Choose a Domain Name That Will Stand the Test of Time

Choosing the right domain name could be one of the most important decisions you make for your business. It sounds straightforward, but here are some things you should always take into consideration when choosing your domain name. Read More

Exact Match Domains: How To Price These High-Value Assets

Exact match domain (EMD) names haven’t gone the way of the wind. Thousands of new extensions are being made available, but none will ever hold as much authority as the original dot-com extension. is one of the most expensive domain purchases in history. The domain name sold for a whopping $90 million in 2005, but would it have demanded such a price if it had been, or some other non-dot-com extension? Read More

"Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man."

– Bill Gates -

Instant Brand Recognition

Premium domain names are expensive such as sold for $13 million, Wine.Club sold for $140,000 and etc. Why? They are short, memorable and easy to spell. You don't need to invest significant amounts of time and money to brand and market the long-tail or ‘hard to spell' domain names.

Instant Trust and Authority

Premium generic domains provide trust and authority. Users have instant trust in doing business with versus It's due to the fact that a short and memorable nature of premium domains can influence people in purchasing decisions leading to a higher conversion rate. It adds an instant authority and trust, credibility and respect in online email marketing.

Consumers always favour industry leaders over small independent shops, so as favour more trust in generic premium domains that stand out from the crowd. Owning a premium, high quality domain can make a strong statement in a competitive market.

Direct Type-In Traffic

Premium generic domain name such as receives direct type-in traffic. Today, most people just type in the full domain name in the browser bar to search for something (as opposed to going through search engines). The instant flow of high quality traffic from direct type-in traffic carries extremely high conversion rates, normally more than twice as well as search engine traffic. This is the best kind of traffic as it is highly targeted and costs no effort to obtain.

Low Marketing Cost

Owning a keyword-rich domain name that is directly related to your industry could save you a lot of money on advertising and marketing cost due to its benefits from inbound type-in traffic.

SEO Benefits

Keyword-rich premium domain names command higher search engine rankings in Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) algorithm, and therefore higher traffic. Keyword-rich domain websites have higher chances of SEO top list in Google search engine results.


The best investment is buying premium domain name assets. The domains go up in value faster than properties or any other commodity on market. As Bill gates said, " Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man ".

The domain asset value is determined by its age, which were bought and registered by forward thinking entrepreneurs in mid-90's. These premium domain assets are now being valued and sold for huge figures.


It's important to own a premium generic domain name before your competition does. Generic traffic domains can drive thousands of potential clients to your website on a daily basis, at no additional cost, and you do not want these clients to land on your competitor's website. Owning a keyword-rich domain name provides ability to block your competitors from using the premium asset.