Medical Cannabis Digital Marketing

Founded in 1998, New Realm Media operates a portfolio of powerful domain names websites which have hosted over 25 million visitors. We understand that competition for visibility on the internet has never been stronger. With the restrictions of marketing of cannabis and cannabis products on platforms like Google and Facebook, media visibility in the sector is now running hot.

Since turning its attention to the cannabis industry, New Realm Media has been developing digital presence for Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA). This world class company has a vision to be the keystone players in the organic marijuana space and they have partnered with New Realm to develop websites in partnership with Google and . Now online

New Realm Media’s management of these significant proprietary digital media assets are designed to support the entire process from cultivation to delivery, to distribution to end users worldwide. This places our clients and partner at the forefront in the world wide production and distribution of cannabis products. Our powerful digital channels allow partner suppliers to enter top-level online visibility worldwide.

Frontier Data’s latest analysis reveals for the first time the full scale of global cannabis demand: More than 260 million adults worldwide consume cannabis at least once per year, collectively spending $344 billion USD annually.