Medical Cannabis Marketing

Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA)
New Realm Media has secured rights through a licence agreement to utilize top level domain names and over 75 other websites based on top domain names. Clients stand to benefit from this distribution channels made available to a select group of suppliers.

We have entered into a contractual agreement with Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) to create a long term business strategy and to develop a sustainable and enduring cannabis business based on:

1. International Partnerships.

MOCA has developed a business strategy based on international partnerships with licenced producers of cannabis/hemp products to cultivate and produce medical cannabis for an Australian market with its eye on international distribution. The company will leverage Australia’s reputation as a leader in environmentally conscious choices and supporting a clean environment.

2. Focus on organic products.

MOCA’s target audience, is a rapidly growing global market of people who seek wellness and relief from illness and an enhanced quality of life. Around the world, patients are seeking innovative emerging medical solutions to restore health and alleviate sickness. At MOCA we believe that Patients deserve only the cleanest products to alleviate illness. 

3. Scientific Research.

One of the first steps New Realm Media undertook in the establishment of the Company and Team, was to reach out to the best experts in the world and seek collaboration and assistance in the development of the business. 

New Realm Media’s significant proprietary digital media assets are designed to support the entire process from cultivation to delivery, to distribution to end users worldwide. 

This will place MOCA and all partner suppliers that will leverage off New Realm Media’s digital asset at the forefront in the worldwide production and distribution of cannabis products. These powerful digital channels will allow partner suppliers to enter top-level online visibility worldwide.

Examples of domain names owned by New Realm Media:


New Realm Media has been a registered Google Publisher since 2004.