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Hear and Say WorldWide

17 April 2007
Mr Alessandro Sorbello
New Realm Media
PO Box 1198
Stafford QLD 4053 
Dear Alessandro

I am writing to formally thank you for all your help and support with the marketing and promotion of the Vint Cerf luncheon. You and your staff were invaluable in assisting us to market the event at a national level.

Once New Realm Media became involved in the e-marketing of the event, the bookings increased significantly. Your idea and execution of a press conference was a wonderful adjunct and certainly gave a great deal of exposure to the Hear and Say Centre.

Having the presentation on-line and available for download has given us an additional revenue stream and is working well indeed. 

On a personal note, I would like to add that working with you and your staff was a real pleasure. Everything was done in a timely and professional manner and took much of the pain out of the “unknown” for us at the Centre.

We are certainly looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Kind regards

Karen Dahlskog
Hear and Say Centre

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30/10/2008 website is now updated. Having recently returned from a trip to Europe, I had occassion to visit on of my favorite places and now that I am back in Australia I took the opportunity to make some redesigns to the site.

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Steve Maguire, Executive Director of Multicultural Affairs Queensland is very pleased to support Alessandro Sorbello's production of‘ Arrivi … Partenze’ ....explores the migration experience through multimedia performance. This is a creative and innovative way of bringing the powerful and life-changing dimension of migration to a broad audience.

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