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Media @ New Realm Media has been sold via online auction on Monday 9th October 2006 for $212,000.00. As expected this surpassed the 2004 sale to the Australian government for which was purchased for $201,000.00.

For more information please read our 'New Australian Record Expected for Domain Name Sale' press release.

“Chance dances with those
already on the dance floor”

30/10/2008 website is now updated. Having recently returned from a trip to Europe, I had occassion to visit on of my favorite places and now that I am back in Australia I took the opportunity to make some redesigns to the site.

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Steve Maguire, Executive Director of Multicultural Affairs Queensland is very pleased to support Alessandro Sorbello's production of‘ Arrivi … Partenze’ ....explores the migration experience through multimedia performance. This is a creative and innovative way of bringing the powerful and life-changing dimension of migration to a broad audience.

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